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At BJ Young Earthmoving (BJY), we recognise that safety is no accident, but rather the result of careful planning, both at a company and at an individual project level. BJY's safety record of Zero Injuries is achieved by adhering to a detailed Safety, Health, Environmental and Rehabilitation Management Plan (SHERMP).

Our SHERMP is designed to meet, as a minimum, the requirements of the legislation and Australian Standards that affects our various operations, both civil and mining. This legislation includes:

  • Occupational Health & Safety Act 1984

  • Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 1996

  • Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems AS4801

  • Mines Safety & Inspection Act 1994

  • Mines Safety & Inspection Regulations 1995

Our SHERMP uses Risk Assessment and the structured implementation of a Risk Control Program to provide a safe working environment. This means that we identify and assess the hazards, determine the risk and apply our risk control program, based on the Hierarchy of Control, to manage the risk to a level as low as reasonably practicable.

We have identified and assessed a series of generic risks, which have potential impact throughout our operation. These risks and their controls are discussed in detail with subcontractors and employees.

Hierarchy of Control

Elimination/Substitution of the Hazard
Complete elimination of the hazard or alternatively replacing the material or process with a less hazardous one

Redesign the equipment or work processes to reduce the risk

Isolating the hazard by guarding or enclosing it

Providing controls such as training and procedures

For each individual project, we assess the risk of any job-specific hazards through consultation with the client and through the use of a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). All personnel use the JHA to identify and control risks at a task level.

Another key element of BJY's SHERMP is ongoing review and improvement. As part of this program, we have recently implemented a computer system that enables us to proactively control and monitor our SHERMP, focusing on preventive rather than reactive processes.

Our SHERMP and operational safety systems have successfully met the requirements of a rigorous audit by Pilbara Iron Company Pty Ltd. However, the most effective measure of the success of a safety system is its impact on people.

BJY is proud to have achieved and maintained the target of Zero Injuries since its beginnings, and continues to maintain this high standard today. Our extremely successful safety record is testament to the importance and effectiveness of ongoing safety planning.


BJY recognises the benefits and confidence of having employees and subcontractors who are trained and assessed as competent to operate the plant and equipment provided for their use.

Training and assessment carried out by BJY is based on the latest National Guidelines, specifically:

  • NOHSC : 7019 (1992) National Guidelines for OH&S Competency Standards for the Operation of Loadshifting Equipment and other types of specified Equipment

  • NOHSC : 1010 (1994) National Standard for Plant.

The company prides itself on ensuring all employees and contractors go through a training and assessment program prior to operating any piece of plant or equipment. The program includes ongoing monitoring of employees' and contractors' performance to assess that the training provided has been successful. This standard of training and assessment has been integrated into the SHERMP through the computer system, which monitors key elements of our management plan.

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Safety is a high priority for BJY

Managing safety on the job

BJY believes that on site training and communication is the most valuable source of gaining experienced operators and maintaining safety

Safety and Training


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